To properly celebrate art, Mural Festival promises a variety of free exhibitions on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Here’s a Sneak Peek on some exhibitions not to miss.

Cambiamento by Ricardo Cavolo

Station 16 Gallery – March 31st to June 23rd

Beloved by Montrealers, Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo’s exhibition explores the flags of a progressive and revolutionary ideology and promotes the change that our present society needs. Entitled, Cambiamento, Cavolo’s exhibition illustrates flags as banners of each of the basic concepts needed to rebel against the antiquated social order and make the necessary changes to create a new order based on equality, unity, solidarity and progress.

Canadian Tuxedo – Group Show

Oatbox (3455, Saint-Laurent Boulevard) –  June 8th to 17th


The Canadian Tuxedo is a Canadian timeless fashion classic now worn all over the world. By exploiting this iconic ensemble made of denim – and only denim – this group show will present unique fashion pieces and original artworks by Canadian artists, such as LeBicar, Many Mainichi, Catherine Potvin, Leo Current, Marc Sirus, Germdee et Jerry Prison.

The vernissage is on June 8th, 5 PM.

House Party by Gab Bois
Espace 8 (4040, Saint-Laurent Boulevard)  – June 14th to 17th

Montreal-based artist, Gab Bois specializes in “close-up” photography. Featured in many magazines, her exhibition brings us into an immersive exhibition exploring a surreal interpretation of the image of the normative home, while exploring the theme of luxury. It is satirical “insta-worthy” experience playing with the concepts of “hype” and “clout”.

Predominantly known for her photographies, Gab Bois shows will debut her tridimensional work, in the form of interactive installations. This art experience aims to give life to her photographic universe, often characterized as awkward, with which the artist has made a name for herself.

The vernissage will be on June 14th at 5 PM.

Sketch Show – Group Show

Espace 8 (4040, Saint-Laurent Boulevard)  – June 10th to 13th


The Sketch Show is a space of creation and experimentation where artists express and create without filters. An artist’s preliminary sketch is like entering a preview into their mind; see their creative process evolve while getting a glimpse of their uncensored artwork.

The Sketch Show will showcase a selection of artists’ sketches that will allow you to discover their preliminary steps into mural making while possibly taking home with you an artist original!

Live sketching on June 10th, from 3 PM to 9 PM. A black book containing numerous sketches of an inestimable value will also be put up for auction on June 9th and 10th.


Some more exhibitions to see during the Festival


See you on Saint-Laurent Boulevard to celebrate art with us!