To conclude the first Unframed series of episodes shot in Montreal, André Bathalon interviews the one and only Ricardo Cavolo. Mixing folk art, european-religious imagery and tribal arts with traditional and modern tattoo culture, Cavolo’s artistic signature is easy to recognize.

You’ve most certainly spotted his colourful designs on books, fashion pieces, tequila bottles or among other everyday objects, but it’s his murals that mostly captivate our collective imagination. If you’re from Montreal, you’ve definitely caught a glimpse of his playful mural on St- Laurent Boulevard, made as part of the MURAL Festival in 2017. Cavolo states that he would never have imagined exhibiting his art on the streets; now, he favours painting the larger-than-life canvases.  

Practically raised in a studio, Cavolo has always been exposed to the art world. Although, his journey as an artist wasn’t always smooth sailing, this never held him back: “After so many years working really hard on my projects as an artist, I got exhausted. I was working like a sausage machine, just doing something repetitive. I didn’t stop at all. On so many levels, physically and mentally. I never stopped.”, he explains. Ricardo Cavolo choose a “neanderthal” way of life, as he calls it.

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