Unframed, episode 2: Fluke

Date: 16 May 2018


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After exploring MissMe’s explosive and claimant art, Unframed brings us this week’s artist Fluke. Immersed in the street art scene since the age of 9, A’Shop’s founder was mentored by the fathers of Montreal graffiti to become one of the most known urban artist of the city’s scene.  Always forward thinking, he is quick to innovate new concepts, redraw the lines while staying authentic to his unique brand of artistic ingenuity.


Having struggled with homelessness, addiction and depression, Fluke went through all sorts of experiences and emerged from them with a limitless determination and a strengthened passion for art which characterizes his career as an artist.  “From that day to this day, it’s still the same hustle, it’s still the same energy of like: get the fuck out of my way because I’m gonna make it. The point is I’m not going back to broke, ever!” , he concludes.


Learn more about the artist’s artistic approach here.


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