Written by René Ricardo Bernal.


Back in 2014, Paul Desbaillets, co-founder of Pub Burgundy Lion, presented Ricardo Cavolo’s solo exhibition “Gol, Carajo!” at Station 16 Gallery, blending the artist’s passions for art and soccer. Cavolo’s soccer-themed artworks took over the gallery while a limited-edition clothing line was launched at the Burgundy Lion. We are very pleased to announce today its return to our online shop.


Get hold of t-shirts, sweatshirts and scarves of the exclusive collection “Gol, Carajo!”, while supporting a good cause. A portion of the proceeds will go to support GOAL Initiatives, one of the artist’s favorite charities.


Hailing from Barcelona, Ricardo Cavolo has built an extensive portfolio. From mural projects to solo exhibitions, Cavolo is an internationally renowned artist having covered many major cities with his eclectic artwork. Universally recognized, the Spanish artists’ works seek to send a message by illustrating memorable protagonists that lead the fight for the marginalized.


With a mix of religious imagery, traditional art, folk art, tattoo art, and symbolism, he has created a distinguished style. With this collaboration, Cavolo’s love for the sport of soccer gave birth to these unique works of art.


GOAL Initiatives’ mission is to promote wellness by empowering communities through memorable event experiences, notably with its annual GOAL Soccer tournament. Proceeds from each event initiative are donated to local charities and youth sports programs in Montreal.


Located in Montreal’s Little Burgundy neighbourhood, Pub Burgundy Lion takes the concept of traditional British pubs and adds a twist of a modern lounge bar to it, creating an immersive experience into the British culture. The pub’s also the driving force behind the annual soccer tournament produced in collaboration with Goal Initiatives.