The MURAL Festival joins forces with alcove to present a series of conversations from june 12th to june 15th. You will have the chance to meet visionaries who have distinguished themselves by their talent, their values and their creative spirit.

On the program this year; 3 conferences; 3 amazing guests:


Based in Montréal, 123KLAN is a graffiti crew founded by the French duo Scien and Mrs Klor in 1992. A tireless, effervescent and often ironic creative force, Scien and Klor have been creating their art for two decades in the hip-hop galaxy and well beyond. Multidisciplinary, The 123KLAN style is divided into several branches of knowledge: graffiti art, the creative studio and streetwear. Influenced by the various forms of 90’s graffiti art found in Europe and New York, 123KLAN crafts a hybrid style that has granted them widespread recognition. Around this time, they defined a new language that transcended all the graffiti “schools”.

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Armand Vaillancourt

The sculptor-painter Armand Vaillancourt is not only a militant artist, but was named Knight of the National Order of Quebec in 2004 and a recipient of the Paul-Émile-Borduas Prize in 1993. He was awarded the Chevalier-de-Lorimier Prize in 2014 at the annual ceremony for the Patriote. As well, he was distinguished for his first public artwork, ‘The Tree of Durocher Street in Montreal’ which was disseminated in 1954, in which he carved a tree in the street for two years, deconstructing the standards for sculpture and the arts of his time.

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Want to have a taste of what awaits you in the alcove? Listen to the 2016 conferences:

Alexandre Taillefer : Business, arts and philanthropy
« Les meilleurs entrepreneurs sont ceux qui ont le plus de cicatrices dans le dos. »
Miss Me : Street art and representation of woman in art and media
« In the past year, I’ve been choosing my projects based on my fear level; the scarier I get, the more I open myself to try new things. »
Corey Shapiro : Entrepreneur, anti-conformist, visionary-madman and stereotype breaker
« My threshold for pain and failure is high, that’s how I’m never afraid to create. »
Paul Budnitz : Creator, author and kid at heart
« If you want to make something, you need to sacrifice something, unless you’re very lucky and I’ve never met anyone that lucky (unless you write a song and have one big hit. »