On the cover: Artwork by PichiAvo in Valencia, Spain.


The holidays are coming up fast and our team has selected a few gifts created or inspired by artists! Fashion pieces, accessories, books, prints and more for the urban art lover in your life.

1. An IPhone case designed by Pony

Montreal artist Pony recently launched her very own boutique on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Feelings by Pony. Head down to this colourful space to find her characteristic playful and brilliant designs on IPhone cases, clothing, posters, plush toys and other accessories.

2. An original sketch created by a local artist

During MURAL’s 2018 edition, dozens of local artists created original artworks for a one-of-a-kind exhibition exploring the sketch as a step of the artist’s creation process. A few of these unique sketches are available at the MURAL boutique.

3. Art + Coffee: A Journey Through The Eyes Of Four Artists by Starbucks

In early 2018, Starbucks collaborated with four well-known artists: Tristan Eaton, Ricardo Cavolo, Jessie + Katey and Laolu. The artists created works of art inspired by their journey exploring coffee’s production process and what makes it so special. Get your copy in select Starbucks across the USA.

4. A skateboard designed by Fvckrender in collaboration with Primitive Apparel

Montreal artist Fvckrender recently collaborated with Primitive Apparel to bring his bold and futuristic designs to skateboard decks.

5. A tote bag designed by Marie-Claude Marquis

Known for her works inspired by nostalgic Québec culture, Marie-Claude Marquis’s bags, cups and notebooks make cute and funny gifts for your favorite Quebecois or Quebecoise.

6. Aryz’s latest book Outdoors

Featuring the work Aryz, behind-the-scenes pictures and conversations about art and public space between artists Daniel Muñoz-San & Aryz, Outdoors offers an interesting look into the artist’s ideas, inspiration and methodology.

7. MURAL’s Icon collection designed by Lebicar

The 2018 edition of the MURAL Festival brought, once again, a notable collection of merchandising items. Including t-shirts, caps and more. This year’s collection, titled Icon, was designed by Montreal artist Lebicar.

8. A Bearbrick collectible toy from OTH Montreal

A Montreal cultural institution joined us, earlier this year, on the Boulevard Saint-Laurent. OTH’s third shop location on the Main offers an ample selection of items created or inspired by artists, like this Bearbrick collectible toy inspired by Jackson Pollock’s unique style.

9. A print from Station 16 Gallery

The celebrated contemporary urban art gallery, Station 16 Gallery began its operations in 2008 as a creative silkscreen printshop. Its selection of prints is still very impressive, including designs by both local and international artists, such as Kevin Ledo, MadC, Ola Volo, Ruben Sanchez and more.

10. A fashion item from Ricardo Cavolo’s No Gods No Kings collection

No Gods No Kings is artist Ricardo Cavolo’s latest collection of fashion pieces, including t-shirts, bags and hoodies. The artist defines the new capsule collection as “an artistic creation that represents the spirit of breaking old societal paradigms.” “It is time for change, for a new society where the empires of the old gods and kings disappear. New ideals lead the world towards a new and progressive day,” he adds, expressing the idea behind the designs.

11. A By Parra set of coasters

Star artist Parra is known internationally for his surreal characters with vibrant colours. His very own online boutique is filled with playful pieces of art, including this whimsical set of coasters.