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Festival Mural

#TravelTuesday – Hong Kong

11 September 2018

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On the cover: Artwork by Okuda, made as part of HKwalls 2016 |  Photo by Cheung Chi Wai

Street art has emerged as a way for cities to revive and rejuvenate neighborhoods; a means for artists to express themselves in public space; a platform for activists to broadcast their messages, and a medium for brands to fly their colours. From Miami to Lisbon, Melbourne, and everywhere in between, the world has become a giant canvas to discover.

MURAL Blog introduces #TravelTuesday, a street art destination content series, where each piece will explore an city’s unique street art culture.

Filled with world-class art galleries and exhibitions, Hong Kong is known as a premier destination for art where tradition and innovation live in perfect balance. The city has a lot of concrete canvases up for grabs, creating opportunities for big and bold projects. A few recent initiatives, such as HKwalls and L’Épicerie Fine Gallery, have made HK a must stop for urban art enthusiasts.

HKwalls, hosted in a different neighbourhood every year since 2014,during Hong Kong’s Art Month, welcomes dozens of local and international talents to paint the city’s iconic skyline. In addition to the dozens of public artworks being created live in the streets, the organization also hosts exhibitions, film screenings, public workshops and more.

Artwork by Alex Senna, made as part of HKwalls.

Artwork by Zoie Lam, made as part of HKwalls 2018. | Photo by Kyra Campbell.

Artwork by Clogtwo, made as part of HKwalls | Photo by Wai Lok.

Founded by Baptiste Droniou, a French street art enthusiast who wanted to share his passion with Hong Kong’s vast population, L’Épicerie Fine Gallery is known for giving opportunities to artists to create their work in the street. Hosting one-of-a-kind street art exhibitions, collaborating with many local restaurants and businesses and representing numerous street artists, the gallery has allowed the city’s street art culture to diversify and grow.

Artwork by Julien Raynaud, organised by L’Épicerie Fine Gallery.

Artwork by Stern Rockwell, commissioned by the Travelodge Hotel and organised by L’Épicerie Fine Gallery.

Here are some other must-see street art you should look for if you’re planning a visit to this busy city or online from wherever you are:

The Hollywood Road G.O.D. Store

Originally a commissioned piece for lifestyle brand G.O.D.’s store, Alex Croft’s mural depicting old townhouses has become iconic and might be one of the most photographed street art pieces of the city.

Jerkface’s Astrocat

Make sure to stop in Wan Chai to see one of New York’s most renowned street artists, Jerkface. Jerkface’s characteristic cartoon mashup mural depicts both Astro Boy and Felix the Cat.

Shepard Fairey’s contribution to Project C Change

As part of Project C Change, Shepard Fairey contributed to the social enterprise’s mission with his characteristic war paint in red, white, black and yellow. Find this on Ki Ling Lane, in Sai Ying Pun.

Invader’s invasions

French artist, Invader, is no stranger to the city. His latest trip to Hong Kong left the city with 32 new artworks, most notably in Harbour City. Unfortunately, most have been removed, but you definitely check around for the few that remain.

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