The future of urban art

This year, MURAL Festival is walking up at the crossroads of art and technology by unveiling two Augmented Reality Exhibitions in the city’s most beloved parks: Parc du Portugal and Parc des Amériques.

Download the MURAL Festival app on your phone and head out to witness works of digital art up to 12-feet tall created by visionary local artists. This exhibition format allows for an entirely immersive, contemplative experience, like taking a journey into the future of urban art.

A garden of wonders

Located in Montreal’s artistic epicenter, Parc du Portugal and Parc des Amériques are a stone’s throw away from MURAL’s Main Zone. In each park, you’ll find life-size works of art by local artists Cryote, Waxhead and Samuel Arsenault-Brassard. Uncover them one by one, then swipe through the park to witness an entire exhibition of augmented reality come together before your very eyes!

Download MURAL Festival’s mobile app, presented by Videotron, and start exploring!