Sebastian Millar aka Cryote is a multimedia artist based in Montreal. Heavily influenced by street art growing up in Ottawa, they began using spray paint at a young age. Becoming obsessed with the expressive nature of painting outdoors on large surfaces.

Over a decade of painting murals and creating installations for events, festivals, bars, offices etc… Cryote later discovered virtual reality and saw many possibilities to use it as a tool for expression and creating truly immersive worlds. It became their goal to learn and understand how to become a creator within this metaverse, which led down a rabbit hole of 3D modelling and game engine development.

Now merging the digital and physical together, sculpting inside a limitless virtual studio and bringing work into the context of our actual surroundings. Opening the portal between dimensions and altering perceptions of space and reality.

Cryote finds their inspiration by looking at nature, and analyzing our perception of animals and “the wild”. Lessons about personality, strength, trust, acceptance and loss have all resulted from their experiences fostering dogs.