Drew Meritt

Drew Meritt

By: Drew Merritt

Year of completion: 2018

Denying boundaries and categorization while embracing the dynamism of his own free will, fine artist Drew Merritt is paving his own path straight to the heart of the Los Angeles art scene. The Saint Vrain, New Mexico native embodies a sense of rebellion both in his personal and creative aesthetics. Shuffling in and out of various art schools throughout his twenties, Merritt decided to lay his roots down in Los Angeles in 2011 where he continues to work.

His work often romanticizes or demonizes ambiguous characters that are cast as heroes, villains, underdogs, lovers, and friends. This combination lends his large-scale oil paintings a personal element that provokes an emotional response with the viewer. Devastatingly beautiful characters lay flush against white canvases, a signature aspect of his work that brings drama to the world in which his muses exist. Drew Merritt creates work that drops his audience in a fantastical world where light and darkness coexist seamlessly, inviting guests to immerse themselves completely.