1) Lefkos by PichiAvo at Station 16

Duo Pichi Avo presents “Lefkos” their latest exhibition at Station 16 Gallery from June 6th to 16th. A great occasion to discover their unique style melting graffiti and ancient Greek sculptures. Pichi Avo is also creating a mural in the Main Zone which is presented by Fido.


2) Tagtool creative workshop

From June 10th to 15th, MURAL and MAPP MTL offer interactive creative visual projection workshops. Using the Tagtool app, 4 people will be able to create works simultaneously and project them on a large wall. These creative workshops are presented by TD Bank Group.

Come and experiment your creativity, it’s free !


3) Grill Saint-Laurent

An integral part of the MURAL festival, the Saint-Laurent Grill in collaboration with Tastet, Boulevard Saint-Laurent is the gastronomic culinary event of the Main. In this culinary contest, the restaurant owners will present dishes prepared on the grill, to satisfy your taste buds, enjoy the festival, music and great food, a glass in hand!

Need one more reason? The dishes are $ 6 or 4 dishes for $ 20


4) Graffiti Alley 

On September 9, 2017, after a long fight against cancer, Scaner passed away. Scaner was one of Montreal street art figureheads for more than 20 years. We decided to pay tribute to him by dedicating to him the works of this alley.


5) Painting workshops with aerosol can

Presented by Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide

Join in the aerosol action with Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide and get skool’d in the art of graffiti. Learn the history, the language, the rules, the tools and techniques by Miami’s own AMOS, an artist with over 2 decades of unsanctioned experience. Take creative control and start spraying on a legit wall in the heart of Mural.

Demo: 90 minutes

Weekdays: 5pm and 7pm

Weekends: 1pm, 5pm and 7:30pm

Price: 50$

Buy here !


????: JF Galipeau – Photographe