MURAL Festival diversifies, once again, its programming this year with a variety of fun activities for all to enjoy: from a BBQ grill-off, to intimate conferences, free block parties, yoga classes in the park and outdoor film screenings, there’s something for everyone.

1- Artists in action on Saint-Laurent Boulevard

At the heart of this public art festival, a dozen artists, such as Michael Reeder, Tristan Eaton, Cryptik and more, will create live productions of large-scale murals directly on Saint-Laurent Boulevard and its surroundings. 

On June 14th, a dozen artists will also transform Red Bull coolers into true artworks, live on the Boulevard.

2- Free block parties

MURAL, essentially a public art festival, also spotlights accessible music as a vital pillar. Luckily for the public there are three, must-attend, free block parties. This year, performances are promised by Playboi Carti, Pusha T, 88Glam, Just Blaze, High Klassified, Mat Zo, Dabin, Said the Sky.

3- MURAL’s Art Pub festive after-parties

Want to keep dancing long after the block parties? Head over to the MURAL Art Pub, in collaboration with Chic Choc, an ephemeral club promising a unique, art-immersive atmosphere fusing our favourites: art and music. On the schedule: Maky Lavender & Friends, présentés par Ghost Club Records, Atelier New Regime en collaboration avec Puma, Childish Grandprixno, Peer Pressure strikes back w/ Shaydakiss + Hatchmatik & friends and more to come.

4- The VIP Experience, presented by Hennessy Canada

Enjoy a privileged view of the festival’s three block parties, in addition to enjoying discounts on alcohol, a ticket for a guided tour of the murals and a special access to a great variety of exclusive musical events and conferences, thanks to the VIP Experience, presented by Hennessy Canada.

5- MURAL Market

Discover some of Montreal’s most talented creative entrepreneurs through various exclusive launchings, artistic activations and musical performances of all kinds at the MURAL Market.

6- Guided tours of the festival’s murals, presented by Journal 24h

Make sure you’re not missing out on anything with a guided tour of the festival’s new and past murals. Featuring exclusive anecdotes, details on the artists’ inspirations and information on the artists’ techniques.

7- Grill Saint-Laurent

A must-go culinary event, Grill Saint-Laurent gathers a dozen restaurants around the Main Zone to offer their most flavourful plates for only $6.

8- The Enchanted Forest, presented by Lululemon

As part of the festival, the Portuguese Park becomes a creative space for exploration and relaxation. On the schedule: yoga classes, diverse creative workshops, musical events, speakeasy, outdoor film screenings and more.

This year, the Enchanted Forest will also welcome a dynamic artwork by Kate Raudenbush. Inspired by the colourful explosion of spray paint and the creative energy of the Festival’s artists, make sure to look out for her artistic contributions.

9- Numerous exhibitions

In addition to a dozen new murals being created live on-site, the festival will host multiple free exhibitions, such as Ricardo Cavolo’s Cambiamento solo exhibition, Gab Bois’ House Party solo exhibition, the Canadian Tuxedo group show and the Sketch Show.

10- The outdoor screening of the movie “Obey Giant”

For the first time in the province of Québec, MURAL, in collaboration with RIDM, are proud to present an outdoor screening of the movie “Obey Giant” at the Portuguese Park. Experience the underground world of urban art and explore Shepard Fairey’s incredible rising from his beginnings on the punk rock and skateboard scene to Obama’s presidential campaign and his iconic poster “HOPE” with all of the controversy it was surrounded by.

Arrive early to get a spot in one of Karibu’s comfy bean bags.

11- Cyrcle’s artistic installation at Lune Rouge’s underground parking station

This year, discover the large scale artistic installation by duo Cycle. Their artistic creations will colour both floors of Lune Rouge’s underground parking at the heart of Downtown Montreal. Unveiled and accessible to the public on June 9th and 10th, the artwork made by Cyrcle is THE new spot to photograph your next Instagram post.

12- MURAL Studio

A Daily show starting at 1 PM on MURAL’s Facebook page. MURAL Studio will offer exclusive discussions with artists, musicians, creatives and other collaborators of the festival, in addition to broadcasting live performances.

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