After exploring the artistic scenes of Montreal and Toronto, the Unframed team flew to Vancouver to marvel at everything the West coast has to offer. First off: Ola Volo’s one-of-a-kind artistic approach.


Kazakhstan-native, Ola Volo’s now living in Vancouver, where she developed a unique visual language through art. Patterns, bold black lines, mystical characters and enchanting settings define the artist’s style. “I love the concept that you’re in control of a new language that is super international. Nothing about it is so unfamiliar, it’s very narrative.”, she says.


As she translates her and others’ stories into imaginative works of art, she believes her unique visual language can bypass barriers and allow her to communicate with her family all over the world. “I’m creating this vocabulary that somebody can learn across the world. It makes me feel so much more connected. It’s a visual language that’s mine.”

Learn more about the artist’s artistic approach here.