Unframed, episode 5: Ness Lee

Date: 18 July 2018


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Next up on Unframed, we get to know more about Ness Lee’s story. Known for her humorously playful, Japanese-erotica-inspired artworks, the Canadian artist sees her work as visual diary entries. On canvas, she is able to illustrate her feelings and thoughts.


Ness Lee admits that she feels privileged to be an artist but is also grateful for the self therapy received from her art: “I had trouble explaining my feelings and emotions, and then I found incredible relief just drawing it out. I’m not talking to anyone when I draw something. After, I’ll feel like I’ve said everything I needed to say. It’s definitely like therapy to me.”


Her art is a little bit autobiographical in a sense: “When I’m doing these drawings, they’re not me, but they look like me. When I was doing them, the bigger the body the bigger the feeling. The way they took up space on a canvas, for me, was how much they were feeling.”, she adds.


Learn more about the artist’s artistic approach here.


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