Discover these 5 inflatable artworks touring festivals across Quebec!

Inflatables provide Quebec artists with a new creative canvas. Many have shared their long-held dream of creating inflatable artworks. Featured at festivals such as MURAL, BleuBleu, La Noce, Le Festif, Osheaga, and ILESONIQ, inflatables are an innovative artistic concept: accessible, reusable, easy to transport, and they offer a 3D creative canvas that allows for digital extensions (augmented reality and projection mapping). For the viewer, the effect is always impressive and enchanting! This project is exciting for the MURAL organization, as it marks their first large-scale inflatable exhibition.

Chien Champion

Felipe Arriagada-Nunez, aka Chien Champion, is a Montreal illustrator known for his colorful and dynamic worlds where the mundane becomes magical. A child of Chilean immigrants, his work reflects an imagination fueled by pop culture, cinema, music, and encounters.

In 2018, he began collaborating with musical artists like FouKi, Clay and Friends, and LaF, gaining recognition. His commissions expanded to television, music videos, promotional projects, and fashion. In 2021, he illustrated his first children’s book, followed by a second. In 2023, he created the iconic “Montréal Bagel Dunk” box for Nike. His work was highlighted by Journal Métro among 30 inspiring Montreal personalities.


French-Canadian based between Montreal and Paris, Dalkhafine stands out as a multidisciplinary artist. After exploring the world of live shows and 2D animation, she develops a unique artistic universe, characterized by various collaborations with brands (Adobe, Adidas, Aldo) and musical artists (Pharrell, Jain). Drawing inspiration from the 90s, engraving, and painting, her work is distinguished by the use of vibrant colors and black outlines. For her, each medium represents a new playground: whether it’s art direction, illustration, motion design, screen printing, or even painting, her love for art and drawing remains the guiding thread.


LaCharbonne (Camille Charbonneau) is a muralist and illustrator with a passion for
pink and geometric shapes. Inspired by nature, food, and women, her visual
universe is characterized by bright colors, funky patterns, and bubbly shapes.
Whether through murals, digital illustrations, or prints, her works offer a joyful and
colorful vision of the world around us.


Melissa Mathieson is a Montréal-based freelance 3D artist with a BFA from Concordia University. After practicing fine arts for years, she has now immersed herself into a world that is strictly 3D to give characters and environments extra dimension. This world is inspired by all things whimsical and nostalgic, and much of it takes inspiration from the nature in her hometown on the central coast of California. She dips into a made-up universe consisting of quirky characters, nature elements, and brightly colored cities. Some of her clients include Apple, Microsoft, Google, The New York Times, IKEA, Time Out, DoorDash, and MTV.


Pony, also known as Gabrielle Laïla Tittley, is a self-taught Montreal artist known for her touching and colorful illustrations. As a painter, illustrator, and muralist, she explores popular culture with empathy and humor. She founded the clothing brand Pony, managing both an online store and a boutique in Montreal, with her designs worn by celebrities like Charlize Theron and LeBron James.

Passionate about music, Pony creates album covers and visuals for artists like Earl Sweatshirt and Marc Rebillet. Her art addresses mental health, inclusion, and social justice. With over 88,000 Instagram followers, she inspires many with her authenticity and creativity, using her platform to advocate for important causes and spark deep conversations on societal issues.