MURAL is proud to unveil the mural created in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the passing of the first professional French-Canadian female writer, Laure Conan. Located in the Jardin du Petit-Laurier at the intersection of Laurier and Papineau avenues in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal, the mural is a project carried out as part of the call for projects supporting commemorative initiatives by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications (MCC).

In the presence of the artist who created the work, Ola Volo, and Micheline Cambron, professor and university researcher specializing in Quebec literature, MURAL’s executive director, Pierre-Alain Benoît, unveiled the result of this artistic production:

“We are delighted to leave this important cultural legacy to the public, thanks to the extraordinary work of the artist and our team. It is important for us to use creative talents to honor a historical figure, granting her the stature of a large mural like this one, so that the name of Laure Conan is remembered for a long time,” he emphasized.

Why Laure Conan?

Félicité Angers, known by her pen name Laure Conan, is one of the first French-Canadian novelists, yet remains relatively unknown to the public despite her significant contributions to literature. On the 100th anniversary of her death approaches, the MURAL team seeks to celebrate her legacy and highlight her achievements. By commemorating her life and work through a public mural, Montreal artist Ola Volo aims to honor Conan’s heritage and inspire future generations of writers to push the boundaries of their literary imagination.

As we continue to reexamine history and the contributions of women, it is important to recognize and celebrate the achievements of those who came before us. Ola Volo’s mural is a powerful way to draw attention to Laure Conan and her contributions to literature, inspiring others to continue the fight for equality and recognition for all.

Why Ola Volo?

Ola Volo is the perfect muralist to bring Laure Conan to life on a grand scale. The daughter of immigrants from Kazakhstan, Ola grew up in British Columbia and moved to Montreal ten years ago, allowing her to immerse herself in Quebec culture. Her love for French-Canadian culture is evident in her art, often featuring women depicted on larger-than-life murals. It is an honor for her to paint a strong historical female figure from her adopted culture.

Ola’s passion for her craft is evident in the intricate details of her work. Her murals are not only visually stunning but also tell a story. She has collaborated with numerous artists and organizations to create murals that reflect the community and its history.

Laure Conan was a pioneer of Quebec literature, and her legacy deserves to be celebrated. Ola’s ability to capture the essence of strong women in her art makes her the ideal muralist for this project. Her love for Quebec culture and dedication to her craft ensure that the Laure Conan mural will be a beautiful tribute to this significant historical figure.

This magnificent project is made possible thanks to financial support obtained through the call for projects supporting commemorative initiatives by the Ministrère de la Culture et des Communications (MCC).