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Festival Mural


17 August 2020

categories : Artist Portraits

The other side of the mural paints the portrait of artists whose works will enliven the walls of Montreal this summer. Today, we present Marc-Olivier Lamothe and his mural L’ART DE BIEN FAIRE, presented by Belgian Moon.

At the intersection of graphic design and fine arts, Marc-Olivier Lamothe invents a colorful cut-out world that’s sometimes painted and sometimes illustrated. From his digital work to his paintings, Lamothe uses a vectoral style to create a universe that’s truly his own. Within the L’ART DE BIEN FAIRE by Belgian Moon, which aims to create artwork inspired by different regions of Canada, the artist has been invited to paint his universe, inspired by Quebec.

“I wanted to create a fun, summery world,” says Marc-Olivier right off the bat. Faithful to his signature, his work is punctuated by abstract floating forms and lively creatures painted in festive shades, just like our belle province. When asked about which elements of Quebec he wanted to put forward, the artist answered that it was important for his mural to show the province at large. “The idea was to represent the extent of the territory, I didn’t want it to be centered on Montreal.”

And a good thing done, too. The result is a wide-spanning mural that reminds us of the wide open spaces of Quebec. Its vibrant colours also remind us that summer is far from being over on Boulevard St. Laurent, and it’s never a bad idea to take some time and hang out, a Belgian Moon in hand.

After this collaboration, Marc-Olivier will keep on splashing colourful scenes on the walls of Montreal. His project LES MURS DE LA JOIE, where he shows the birth of a more harmonious world following this upsetting crisis, is still ongoing. Two more walls will be added in Plateau Mont-Royal and Villeray.

One thing remains: the artist will keep on making us travel, dream and smile every time we turn a corner of his chaotic but joyful universe.

Find out more about the artist: https://www.marcolivierlamothe.com/

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