Despite the many challenges, MURAL is very proud to present the artworks produced for this very special edition of the festival. A huge thank you to all the artists who responded to the call and who got involved in this Estival!


Year of completion 2020

Title : Instinct

Peinte par: Jeremy Shantz

Since 2016, FVCKRENDER has taken up the challenge to create an image every day and share it on his Instagram account. On the occasion of MURAL Estival, FVCKRENDER’s work goes from digital to mural for the first time thanks to multidisciplinary artist Jeremy Shantz. 



Artist: Ankhone

Year of completion : 2020

Title : Jardin Secret

Ankhone is a multidisciplinary artist who describes his style as “poetry in motion”. His pictorial and graphic work are transposed wonderfully into painting, while retaining his graffiti influences. 

Artist: Denial

Year of completion: 2020

Mural presented by: Station 16 

Committed pop artist and muralist Denial creates artworks that criticize and challenge contemporary politics by his comic and artistic expressions and unique aesthetic. This mural is inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Artist: Marc-Olivier Lamothe

Year of completion: 2020

Mural presented by : Belgian Moon

At the crossroads of graphics and the fine arts, Marc-Olivier Lamothe presents a colorful and cut-out world, sometimes painted, sometimes illustrated, inspired by living organisms that interact around him. As part of the festival, he opens the doors to his fun and chaotic world by creating a mural representing his vision of Quebec.


Artist: Patrick Forchild

Year of completion: 2020

Mural presented by: Corps Diplomatique de Montréal & General Jewish Hospital Foundation

Patrick Forchild’s mural was created as an homage to the sacrifices made by the front-line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was made possible thanks to the support of the diplomatic and consular corps as well as the Jewish General Hospital Foundation.

Patrick Forchild centers his artistic practice around painting, graffiti and photography.


Artist: Burnt Toast

Year of completion : 2020

Mural presented by : Light & Free

Burnt Toast Creative is a Canadian Independent artist, illustrator and muralist. His work is instantly recognizable by his exuberant style, his impeccable technique and his funny and sometimes cheeky characters. Presented by Light & Free, this mural touches on important themes like diversity and inclusivity with a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor typical of the artist’s style.