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Festival Mural

The doors through 1010’s imaginary abstraction

2 June 2017

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Even though originally from Poland, 1010 is considered as a German artist as he’s been leaving in Hamburg since the age of eight.

The name 1010 originates from the relation with binary numbers which he used at the start of his career In an interview for a California gallery, Hashimoto Contemporary, the artist explains that early in his career, a photographer was having fun taking photos of his work and publishing them on Flickr writing 1010 to identify him. Liking the idea, he decided to start using it as his alias.

Despite the fact that he has a big international career, the artist remains very discreet and doesn’t like being photographed. It is why he always hides his face in front of the camera. This deliberate anonymity contributes to making his work even more mysterious.

1010 & Tatiana Suarez (2016) – PowWow Hawaii, HonoluluPhoto © Nickie Robinson

Over the years, the work of the artist has evolved a lot from a universe filled with slightly weird abstract animals to the famous trompe-l’œil murals which made him famous.

1010 - Blgra, (2010Photo ©1010
1010 2010Photo ©1010

Indeed, for a few years now, he has been working on developing quite a particular and unique art style. Still in the abstract world but now focusing on using perspective to create the illusion of emptiness, almost like 3D.

1010 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2016) Photo ©1010

Some will simply see holes in the wall while for others, the artwork will remind them of the abyss, a portal or a passage to another dimension.

But whatever people see, the effect is very realistic. It really seems like the wall is imploding from the inside.

In order to achieve his huge murals, the artist uses quite an unusual process which deserves to be examined a little.

First of all, he chose a range of colours aligned not only with the wall which will be the support but also with its surrounding environment. Then, he proceeds by numbering. He starts drawing the main shape – the hole. Afterwards, he adds layers all around which will give the illusion of depth. Each layer is represented by a number on the wall from darkest to lightest.

PowWow Hawaii, Honolulu (2016) © Nickie Robinson

When everything is in place and only at that moment will the artist start painting starting with the hole, usually black.

1010 - PowWow Hawaii, Honolulu (2016)

Afterwards, he paints each layer, colour by colour separating them with large black strips.

1010 - PowWow Hawaii, Honolulu (2016© Nickie Robinson

Those strips will be used to create the shading effects which link up the shapes together merging them into the perspective of depth.

1010 - PowWow Hawaii, Honolulu (2016) © Nickie Robinson

The end result is usually quite surprising by its realism and the impact it creates.

1010 - PowWow Hawaii, Honolulu (2016) © Nickie Robinson

The artist’s murals are found all over the world : Delhi, Dubai, Marseille, Miami, Panama City and Paris to name only a few cities.

1010 - “Mural for Memorie Urbane” - Fondi, Italy (2015) © Widewalls_ch
1010 Paris, France (2015) © Galerie Itinerance

His work can be found in many magazines and his artwork shown in numerous galleries and as part of international exhibitions since the muralist enjoys working on a smaller scale as well such as paintings on canvas, plexiglass and aluminium, installations and smaller medias.

1010 - Print for XRun - PowWow Hawaii, Honolulu (2016) © Nickie Robinson
1010 - “Void” - PowWow Hawaii, Honolulu (2016) © Nickie Robinson
1010 - At Knotenpunkt14, Hamburg, Germany ( 2014)© Nickie Robinson

1010 loves the international scene and all the artists it has allowed him to meet. For him, sharing is important and it allows evolution. He also loves people intrigued by his work. Even if the artist wants to remain anonymous as we mentioned earlier, the man is very friendly and quite funny. So don’t hesitate to stop by while you visit the 2017 Mural Festival and to spark a conversation. It will be an enjoyable moment.

To follow the work of 1010: Web Site | Facebook | Instagram

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