For a few decades now, all over the world, April 22nd has been celebrated as Earth Day. A day dedicated to raising awareness about pollution, climate change and the overall vulnerable state of our planet’s environment.

Many street artists have used the power of art to draw attention to these environmental issues with murals and public installations exhibited in the streets for the public to see. To commemorate Earth Day, our team has listed a few environmentally-themed street artworks that have moved us to reflect on these issues that affect us today.

Bordalo II’s Trash Animal Series

Converting waste into art is Bordalo II’s specialty. His popular “Trash Animals” series highlights society’s high volume of waste production. Damaged bumpers, cans, tires and other ‘garbage’ objects are turned into massive pieces of relief-art sculpted into animals. Bordalo II’s art definitely contributes to the meaning of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

Laurence Vallières’ Cardboard Sculptures

Like Bordalo II, converting waste into art is also one of Laurence Vallières’ specialities. In addition to being widely available and cheap, recycled cardboard is also a very environmentally friendly medium for creating art. The Canadian artist’s cardboard sculptures echo the fragility of the animal kingdom while highlighting political, social and environmental issues.

Blu’s Massive and Satirical Murals

An anti-corporate-activist at heart, Blu’s method of protest manifests in massive and satirical murals. From laws on carrying firearms, to the monetary system, as well as the political climate of wars and historical trends, this Italian artist’s work always has an underlying social commentary. Amongst his impressive body of work, the environment is a recurring theme.

Nevercrew’s Surreal Reality

A polar bear dipping in oil, a whale wrapped in a a pseudo straightjacket; in their surreal style, combining realistic and graphic elements, the Nevercrew duo often depicts the consequences arising from climate change.

Ludo’s Nature Revenge

Paris-born street artist Ludo has made a name for himself with his internationally known “Nature Revenge” series showcasing hybrids of plants or animals with pieces of weaponry and other modern objects to draw attention to how society meddles with nature. His wheat-pasted hybrids, in hues of greys and greens seem amusing, yet disturbing, like a Black Mirror episode.

Pejac’s Minimalist and Poetic Silhouettes

With a minimalistic aesthetic, Spanish artist Pejac poetically uses urban canvases to discuss social, economical and environmental issues. The intended site-specific locations of his artworks contribute to a very powerful impact.