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Festival Mural

ReBirth ✦ Week Experience by Krista Bursey & Doras Creative

6 June to 16 June 2019 | Ctrllab

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We are excited to present (Re)Birth: ten days of art, music, and performances, surrounded by a mystical 360° immersive psychedelic mural by Krista Bursey & Doras Creative.


(Re)Birth will be open to experience 10 days and 5 nights during the Mural festival in Montreal, QC with a diverse selection of musical landscapes of House, Techno, Afrohouse, Brazilian, Tropical, Bass, Broken, Experimental, Downtempo, Hip-hop, Jazz, Ambient, and more! Please joins us and interact with the art and dance the night away.

(Re)Birth is a collaborative mural installation aimed at disrupting a traditional gallery space with the freedom, accessibility, and scale of outdoor urban art pieces. The Mural installation will flow from the gallery’s entrance, up the stairs and into the main space where a mixture of styles and motifs, unified by colour palette, will wrap the surfaces of the entire space.

Artists Krista Bursey and Marc O’Brien, in collaboration, with Mata Mate and Ctrllab.com, will explore the theme of (Re)Birth in their painting, drawing inspiration from nature, mysticism, and mythology. A night scene viewed with UV lights will accompany the day scene experienced with natural light. Live local DJs will play during all opening hours, allowing for their taste and mood to further colour the experience. During the festival, the public is invited to immerse themselves in a transformative narrative of art, colour, and music.

The goal of the event is to bring together local artists and musicians to showcase to the Montreal community from June 6 to 16th, during F1 and Mural Festival. The artists will create the space and musicians bring life to it with their music. The two together should create an amazing experience