MURAL Workshops


20 August, 2021 | 10:00 to 12:00 | Main Zone

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Come develop your creativity on Friday mornings during the MURAL art workshops!

The ticket includes entrance to the Zone, the two-hour workshop and all necessary materials associated with the chosen workshop. You can also access the Zone without participating in the workshop by purchasing a general access ticket.

Introduction to Urban Art by Jamie Janx Johnston: Aerosol techniques, which require precision and dexterity, will be used to create an individual piece of art. Explore the possibilities of street art with Jamie Janx Johnston, a Franco-Ontarian artist who is stirring up the urban intervention scene in Montreal.

Painting Workshop with LaCharbonne: Discover large-scale painting on wood panels, the LaCharbonne way. By choosing from several pre-designed pieces, participants will learn how to transfer an image to a larger surface, how to paint an imperfect surface and how to use colour to create a festive and vivid piece. They will be able to take their work home with them at the end of the activity.

Calligraphy workshop with Mr. Boz / Garbage Beauty: Perfect your calligraphy on unusual materials: abandoned objects found on the street! Objects found by Monsieur Boz, aka Garbage Beauty, will be available on site, but if you want to bring your own found object, you are welcome to!

Tagtool presented by Vidéotron: come have fun while letting your creativity run wild!

Festival-goers will be able to explore the practice of drawing on an electronic tablet thanks to the Tagtool application at all times in the MURAL Main Zone. The activity, presented by Videotron, allows up to 4 people to draw simultaneously on the same digital canvas and see their creations materialize live on a giant screen. Animators from the MAPP MTL team will be here to show you how to use the application. This is the perfect opportunity to see your creations come to life live on a giant screen!