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Festival Mural

Grill Saint-Laurent

11 June to 14 June 2019 | 11:00 to 21:00 | Zone Principale

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In collaboration with Tastet, Boulevard Saint-Laurent and MURAL Festival present Grill Saint-Laurent, a culinary competition.

Located in the main zone of the festival, 10 restaurants will prepare 10 exclusive dishes on the grill for only $6 each or 4 dishes for $20! They will then be evaluated by our jury composed by Danny Smiles from Le Bremner, Felipe St-Laurent from Ils en Fument du Bon and Elise Tastet from Tastet. The winner will be announced on Thursday, June 13th and will win a cash prize of $1000.

🌴☀️This family-friendly event is the perfect opportunity to soak in the sun in a festive atmosphere in the heart of the Mural Festival.

🍴The participating restaurants :

Café Melbourne
Robin Des Bois
Main Deli Steak House
Le Red Tiger
Poulet 3 Pattes
La Belle Tonkinoise
Hanzō Izakaya

Programmation musicale:
June 11 :
Tupi Collective : 11h30 à 14h
june 12 :
BABYMIR : 11h30 à 14h
Soirées Bas-Canadiennes d’Alaclair Ensemble à MURAL – Gratuit : 18h à 23h
June 13:
Tupi Collectivee : 11h30 à 14h
June 14 :
TallandSkiinny : 11h30 à 14h