Drag Brunch : BARBIE WORLD – with Adriana the Bombshell

Drag Brunch : BARBIE WORLD – with Adriana the Bombshell

Barbie Special – queer edition! Get ready to start your day off with a bang with our Barbie-themed DRAG BRUNCH hosted by Adriana “The Bombshell”! Life in Plastic, it’s Fantastic baby!

Join us for an unforgettable afternoon filled with fabulous performances and an inspiring celebration of the limitless diversity of the drag world. Our diverse cast of talented drag performers will take you on a journey through Barbie’s colorful world, from the glitz and glam of her Dreamhouse to her exciting adventures around the globe. Witness mesmerizing performances, fierce lip-syncs, and jaw-dropping runway shows that bring to life the spirit of Barbie and the art of drag.

Drag has no limits and is for anyone who wants to embrace their inner charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent! So we invite you to put on your Sunday best, come in your most fabulous Barbie/Drag look and join us to show the world that self-expression is a powerful tool that should be embraced by all!

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