The party continues until September!

The second phase kicks off with a bang! To make it even more pleasant, Boulevard Saint-Laurent will become 100% pedestrian. Here’s the lowdown on the murals, public art installations and musical program MURAL Estival 2020 has in store for you from August 13th to September 20th.

Sensational murals

This new phase features work by Canadian artist Denial, while Montrealer Marc-Olivier Lamothe will be painting a mural on Saint-Laurent presented by Belgian Moon. Burnt Toast will be producing a mural on the themes of diversity and inclusivity, presented by Light & Free. Patrick Forchild will realize an homage mural dedicated to the health workers who sacrificed so much to help the population during the pandemic. This mural will be placed on an outer wall of the Montreal Jewish General Hospital, thanks to the financial support of the Corps diplomatique de Montréal.

Extraordinary public art

The Corridart will welcome works by Hary / Lama, La Charbonne, Le renard fou, Louis Letters, Lyf3rMSHL, Tshoko and Yope Tercrew . A series of architectural projections produced by Baillat Studio will enlighten Pichiavo’s 2019 mural. Finally, the Stella Artois Arts Terrasse, painted by Francorama, will be open as of August 13th.

Electrifying musical performances

From the opening show featuring Les Louanges and Random Recipe, to the closing show featuring Roy Woods, the MURAL musical adventure never stops. The Belgian Moon “Split Session Concerts” will continue to liven up your Thursday nights until the end of August, and Naya Ali and Willygram will be stopping by the MixBus for one last hurrah.

Guided tours are back

From Clark to St-Dominique, from graffiti alley to the Leonard Cohen mural, discover some of the neighbourhood’s sometimes well-hidden jewels with fellow street art lovers and knowledgeable guides. Get more info + your tickets here.

Happy Estival!