MURAL also works on year-round projects in addition to the Festival. Today, we’d like to introduce one that makes us particularly proud.

Let’s discover the “Le Carignan” project in Montreal-Nord, an urban art program that is revitalizing and embellishing a public space in Montreal-Nord by calling on young local talent. Two Montreal artists teamed up with local students to create extraordinary works of art as part of Patrimoine Canada’s Community Support, Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Program.

Through creative workshops with the artists involved, sports activities and several collective actions, the production and launch of the project was an uplifting experience for everyone.

Isadora Ayesha Lima held a creative workshop and worked with groups of students from the Le Carignan elementary school to create cheerful, colorful illustrations with themes inspired by the children’s experiences and imagination. These illustrations served as the starting point for a large-scale mural on the school walls that will brighten up countless recesses in the future.

Thaïla Khampo painted one of the school’s two basketball courts with a highly symbolic design, which he developed through workshops with local basketball players and students. Through a series of creative group activities, these budding athletes were exposed to the art-making process and made the court they play on even more their own.

Through these works, hand in hand with the school and the neighborhood, our goal is to bring a community together around art and sport.
Thanks to Patrimoine Canada and Air Canada, the project’s presenters, and the borough of Montréal-Nord, Le Carignan school, and Coopérative Multisports Plus, for supporting this adventure.