Here are the local talents who rocked the streets of Montreal during our 12th edition. We celebrated their creativity and diversity as they lit up the city, offering breathtaking works to discover.


Mapplights lit up MURAL Festival with impressive projections on Buff Monster’s mural and on Osheen Siva’s mural.

Thanks to their innovative technological approach, they added a unique creative touch, bringing the works to life with extraordinary visual effects.

These projections gave a new dimension to the artists’ murals, transforming the creations into immersive visual experiences.


Veteran Montreal graffiti artists Zek One and Axe Lalime have revitalized the mural by legendary Montreal muralist and graffiti artist Scaner.

Their collaboration breathed new life into this iconic work, preserving Scaner’s legacy while adding contemporary touches. The result is a harmonious fusion of old and new, celebrating Montreal’s creativity.


The 12th edition of the Festival would never have been the same without the contribution of the artist behind the visual identity.

Montreal artist Chloé Biocca has left an indelible mark with her unique visual identity, which has helped enrich the Festival experience for the 2024 edition.

Discover for the last time the traces of her creations by visiting our website.


Iregular’s 5 monoliths scattered along Boulevard Saint-Laurent plunged the public into a world of interactivity and immersion.

The “Fortunes” project is Iregular’s largest installation to date.

This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Quebec government and the Société de développement du boulevard Saint-Laurent.


Artist Kezna Dalz has painted a mural on the Café Névé wall entitled “Always With You”, a touching tribute to women and their allies, highlighting the global problem of feminicide, which unfortunately persists in Quebec.

Visit the “dynamic map” section of our website to discover the list of murals for this 12th edition of the Festival.


The Bassin Peel Stage would have looked very different were it wasn’t for LACROIX‘s colossal holographic structure.

The work uses thousands of LED bulbs to create a volumetric, four-storey sculpture of a hand.

A Canadian first!

Visitors were able to take control of the interactive hand, using computer vision and AI.


Winner of the Secret Walls paint battle tournament, Mono Sourcil made her mark at the Festival Mural 2024. She is also in the process of completing her 13 frescoes on the sidewalks of Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

They’re ephemeral, so make the most of summer to find them before winter wipes them out.

These works are made possible by the SDC du Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Canadian Tire.


The Montreal designer and artist created a frescoe in the Ruelle du Musée McCord.

Created as part of the MURAL Festival, it transformed the pedestrian space on Victoria Street into a captivatin g place.

Its innovative, thoughtful design, combining conceptual depth and playful aesthetics, immersed the public in the imaginary world of the Montreal alleyway.


This year, LaCharbonne delighted Saint-Laurent with her giant inflatable structure “Phoebe the frog”. This adorable amphibian captivated young and adults alike.

She also left her mark by creating, in collaboration with Tourisme Montréal, a mural entitled “Montréal, Vivre en Couleurs”, a dynamic celebration of Montreal life.


While strolling along the Main, be sure to stop by the Starbucks terrace at 3601 Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

Multidisciplinary artist JRD has transformed this space into a true work of art by creating a large, colorful siren in the image of the iconic coffee company’s logo.

Bryan Beyung

Here’s Bryan Beyung’s artwork for the 12th edition of the Festival. He collaborated with the international NGO, Humanity & Inclusion Canada, to create a mural at 116 Roy Street East that condemns bombings occurring in various cities around the world, which result in numerous civilian casualties. The mural prominently features a powerful message at the bottom: “STOP BOMBING CIVILIANS.”

Humanity & Inclusion Canada acts where it’s needed and for as long as it’s needed to ensure that people with disabilities and vulnerable populations are never left behind.