Mural Estival 2020

Date: 16 May 2020


Category: MURAL Festival

The Festival this year won’t be happening, but there will definitely be a summer! Introducing … MURAL Estival! 

Our lives have been transformed and we know that the world will not snap back to our ‘normal’ day to day for a long time. This includes how we share and learn from one another.

More than ever, art and creativity are needed to heal and inspire. If we can’t produce a MURAL Festival edition our way, then we’re going to have an amazing MURAL Estival!



To give ourselves some space. Space to move securely, create and bring a breath of fresh air to our beloved city.


To emerge, and make the most of the summer, even with all the necessary restrictions.


To take time. The time we usually never have, the time when we’re too busy trying to be on time for everything. Let’s stop and take the time to appreciate the dynamic and brave contributions of our creators, even if it’s at a distance.



MURAL will create different initiatives over the course of the summer to bring back the art and culture that we all love about summer in Montreal. The 3 month event will happen without gatherings and will respect social distancing and all the safety measures in place. 


The MURAL initiatives will take different forms. Outside of tradition we are developing new programming like online virtual mural visits, live performances, conferences and more. And of course there will still be physical works in street corridors and traditional mural works that we all know and love.


Estival… a pun on the word Festival, means summertime in French. And like its name, it will take place all summer long, between June and September 2020!

Stay tuned, we will have more details coming soon!


Take care,

The MURAL team


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