The last year has seen some breathtaking artworks adorn the streets of numerous cities around the world and we wanted to celebrate the biggest and brightest pieces that have been made in 2018. For the first time ever, MURAL presents you the MURAL Awards.


Bringing some much needed recognition to pioneers of the urban art movement, these awards sought the help of a jury panel of experts in the field to highlight what was new, beautiful and fun in the urban art scene. Including two of the festival’s founders, André and Yan, talented street art photographer Daniel Weintraub and renowned art curator Charlotte Dutoit, the jury voted for their favorite urban art piece in 9 categories: best abstract mural, best photorealistic mural, best figurative mural, best artistic installation, best emerging artist, project with the most interesting message, best Canadian piece, most innovative project and their ultimate favorite project of the year. Finally, we made you vote for YOUR favorite urban artwork of the year through our Instagram page.


Without further ado, here are the final results:

Best abstract mural

If you can’t figure it out, it’s because it’s abstract.

The nominees: Camille Walala, Elian Chali, Mad C, Peeta_ead, 1010

The winner: Camille Walala

Best photorealistic mural

Almost like a photograph.

The nominees: Sebas VelascoShok 1Axel Void, Young Jarus & Bosoletti, Outings Projects

The winner: Sebas Velasco

Best figurative mural

Something real reinterpreted by the artist’s point of view.

The nominees: Hyuro, Michael Reeder, Telmomiel & James Bullogh, Milu Correch, Monkeybird Crew

The winner: Hyuro

Best artistic installation

When artists go 3D.

The nominees: Felipe Pantone, Kaws, Okuda San Miguel, Joshua Vides, Laurence Vallières

The winner: Felipe Pantone

Best emerging artist

Before being superstars, they were emerging.

The nominees: Saddo, Ampparito, Gera 1, Minoz, Pandele

The winner: Saddo

Project with the most interesting social message

A social message that speaks out.

The nominees: Axel Void, Banksy, JR, Hula, Blu

The winner: Axel Void

Best Canadian piece

Being proud Canadians, we can’t help but praise for our local talent.

The nominees:Ben Johnston, Ashop Crew, Birdo, Earth Crusher & Five8, Kevin Ledo

The winner: Ben Johnston

Most innovative mural

When artists go out of their way and use innovative techniques to create something truly out of this world.

Les nommés : Insane 51, Vhils, El Mac, Fabian Bane Florin & PestEron

Le ou la gagnant(e) : Insane 51

The Jury’s favorites

Any project that hasn’t been nominated yet, that the jury feels should be rewarded.

André’s favorite: Seth

Yan’s favorite: Faith 47

Daniel’s favorite: Sebas Velasco

Charlotte’s favorite: Os Gemeos

People’s choice

Last, but not least. This is the urban art project YOU voted for through our Instagram page.

Le ou la gagnant(e) : Insane 51

Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners and a special thanks to our jury panel!