Ceramic artist of formation, Laurence would have always liked to render on a human scale her sculptures of clay. However, the lack of resources, both financial and material, has cut short many avenues. In order to respond to this situation, she needed a flexible, malleable, resistant material, available in large quantities and at a very affordable price. Recycled cardboard was the medium of choice. The abundance of this boorish material allowed Laurence to export her work to galleries and festivals in Seoul, California, Italy and even Hawaii. The cardboard cut into strips is light, malleable and allows the realization of all forms. Her work is popular throughout the world, because her compositions manage to carry the emotions of these animals too often forgotten, as if it was not enough to animate them for children or to feel sorry for their fate, these creations can demonstrate their own sensitivity.


For the first time, in collaboration with the Festival MURAL and Little Burgundy, the artist wants to produce a sculpture in coroplast to ensure a durability of at least 1 year.


The name Little Burgundy is synonymous with involvement and social awareness. The partnership between Laurence Vallière and the brand represents a union between the valorization of creativity, sensitivity and local involvement. Art and culture are an important part of Little Burgundy‘s DNA. They are proud to support emerging Canadian talent.


Founded in 2008 in the neighborhood of the same name in Montreal, Little Burgundy is a branded shoe company that has two main pillars at the heart of what it does. The company is actively working to put more and more sustainable actions and give greater importance to environmental issues. That’s why they will put in lottery a work of Laurence Vallières for the benefit of the association SNAP, organization dedicated to the protection of the nature.


Tickets worth $ 10 to win the artist’s work will be on sale during the festival at the Little Burgundy ephemeral art gallery. The gallery is located in the main area during the eleven days of the festival which will take place from June 6th to 16th. There will be sculptures by Laurence Vallières, video content and a contest. A VIP event will also take place on June 13th.


Tickets are also available online right here !


Do not miss the presence of Laurence Vallières at Karnaval NoKliché presented by Little Burgundy on June 13 from 16h to 23h in the Hennessy VIP Zone of the MURAL Festival.  KARNAVAL NO KLICHÉ is a dance party featuring local and international talent. Come discover eclectic atmospheres and dance to music from all over the world!


???? Lineup: Afrotonik, Akpossoul, TONY GOODGUY, Ukn owned, NoKliché and guests.

It’s just here to participate.