Date: 8 August 2020


Category: Artist Portraits

The other side of the mural paints the portrait of artists whose works will enliven the walls of Montreal this summer. Today, we present Ankhone and his mural Jardin secret.

Mikaël Carriau, aka Ankhone, is passionate. You can see it, you can feel it. He has a deep desire to connect with people, through his work as well as through every aspect of who he is. As soon as I arrive, he invites me to climb up his scaffolding to see his mural from up close.

In front of me is a work in progress. “It’s starting to look like a secret garden,” he tells me with a smile, hence the title, which translates to Secret Garden. It’s an allegorical work, in a style he describes as poetry in movement. The artist tells me the idea came to him a few months ago to “express what was inside me, to show what was inside others too.”

Jardin secret is a true representation of nature, an occasion for people to reconnect with their roots while creating social connections around a universal subject. There’s no doubt about it, Jardin secret adds a great deal of vibrancy and energy to the neighbourhood and will leave a mark on whoever walks past it on St-Dominique street.

The artist, originally from Grenoble in France, is a seasoned muralist. He is used to connecting with his environment. He joined the collective ASHOP in 2013 and has already completed several murals in Montreal. After dropping by BUMP Festival in Calgary in mid-August, he’ll be back in town to create another original mural along the Lachine canal.

You can check out Ankhone’s mural on St-Dominique, between Marie-Anne and Cérat streets.

Follow Ankhone and stay tuned for more amazing projects!


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