Healing of the Wounds: Elixir by Faith XLVII

Date: 19 December 2018


Categories: Art Events - Art News

Written by René Ricardo Bernal


South African artist, Faith XLVII has achieved international acclaim for her wide ranging visual arts practice. Her work provides an in-depth look into the world, touching on the complexities of the human condition.

Earlier this month, Faith XLVII was in Miami to launch her solo show ‘Elixir’, taking place during Miami’s Art Basel week. Presented by Fabien Castanier Gallery at the Art Miami fair, Elixir will be running until December 29th at the gallery’s Wynwood location.

The multidisciplinary exhibition showcases works in wood, tapestries, mosaics, and prints. The South African native aims to present viewers with an introspective view on the current disruptions to our social fabric. The artist sheds light on economic turmoil and climate change that is propelling the world into a state of chaos. Faith XLVII seeks to incite the audience into a deeper internal and external exploration of the human psychology with the hopes of finding a shared space of healing.

After a highly successful book release with Ex Animo, Faith XLVII once again explores her interest in etymology. Elixir can be defined as an alchemical preparation capable of prolonging life. With this exhibition, you are invited to gain a deeper understanding of the human sate and provide an “elixir” to cure our ails.

Video by Chopemdown films.

In parallel to her solo show Elixir, Faith XLVII released a limited letterpress edition called ‘The Human Cause’, in honor of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 70th Anniversary.

“The Human Cause, is an Ode to the Peace Manifesto, an almost archetypal cry for ceasefire revisited throughout history by various groups and organizations. This overlaps in many ways with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” states the artist.


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