The creation of these artworks have been made possible thanks to the financial support of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.




The walls of the dark alleys were the first to bear the poetry of his features. The one who…

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Zoltan Veevaete is a dedicated artist who is passionate about art history. It transports the viewer in several directions at…

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A’Shop [À la shop] is a self-directed artist production company specializing in mural painting, street art and urban aesthetics. Our…

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FRENCH – Phlegm is a Welsh street artist, draftsman and illustrator based in Sheffield, UK. His dark style tinged with…

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Pixel Pancho


Initiated to drawing and color by his grandfather who practiced painting, Pixel Pancho develops his artistic skills from an…

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Fascinated by animals, Roa says they “have a lot more to say about the world than any other creature,” in…

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