The creation of these artworks have been made possible thanks to the financial support of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.



A multi-talented artist of Montreal origin, Monk-E develops on the artistic scene through both painting and poetry. His art directly…

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Based in Montréal, 123KLAN is a graffiti crew founded by the French duo Scien and Mrs Klor in 1992. A…

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Alex Scaner

FRANCAIS- Alex Scaner has been part of the urban art scene since the late 90’s, when he was graffiti artist…

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Bryan Beyung

“I was born in Quebec to a refugee family, this double culture led me to create in order to build…

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Inti put his first pieces on the walls of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso in 1996 while being enrolled in…

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Kevin Ledo

Kevin Ledo’s art practice cuts across the boundaries of street art and the fine arts. Ledo aspires to create visually…

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Julien “Seth” “Malland was born in Paris in 1972. In the mid-90s

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“From the greater region of Nord-du-Québec, Zema traveled all over the beautiful province before settling permanently in Montreal, where she…

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