The Mural Festival team, as usual, invited ten Canadian and local artists to participate to the creative event this year. Amongst them, Dodo and Fluke. These two artists are at their second participation to the Festival. The first time, in 2013, they painted as members of the AShop crew.

It’s hard to forget the gorgeous wall that the group created on the first year of the Festival, the ”old lady” is still there. Observing people and time passing by at the corner of St-Laurent and des Pins.

©Nickie Robinson
©Nickie Robinson
©Nickie Robinson

But five years have gone by since. Mural and AShop both grew a lot. They now both have a brilliant international visibility. If Mural rapidly became an essential stop on the worldwide circuit of Street Art festivals, the AShop crew (”at the Shop” – quebecer expression meaning at the factory, at work) on their side, thanks to the quality of the work of its artists and of experience (founded in 2009), now has an important influence on the global scene.

This year, it isn’t AShop that has been invited to the party but two artists part of the crew : Dodo and Fluke. They will each realize a wall alone. The two man are so linked up professionally to their collective, that we can sometimes forget that they each have a brilliant solo career as much on the local scene as internationally.

The collaborator of Mural met up with them to learn more on them and to make you discover them.

*** The artists are presented in alphabetical order.

Doryan « DoDo » Ose

(2016) -– Solo – Mural Festival ©Nickie Robinson

Doryan (Dodo) is an artist from France who considers himself from Montreal. In 2010, he moved to Montreal to evolve his artistic career because it is a nice place to live.

The ”Ose” part of his name comes from his roots as a graffiti writer when he was younger.

”It is my mother that influenced me. She is the one who bought me my first sketchbook, my first spray can.” says an emotional Dodo. Because this artist is very sensitive. And it is that sensibility that shows up in his work. Dodo’s mother most be very proud of her kid today.


Dodo is part of a very talented happy bunch from Montreal named K6A (pronounced ”qué cé ça?”). An informal crew of creators of all kinds regrouping many well known figures of the Montreal scene whether from the graffiti, art or rap scene.

”K6A is a bit like my family. It is them that welcomed me and their influence has shaken my career.”

The artist is a guy that enjoys being in a gang. He likes people and the recurrent artistic proximity that the crew injects quite an energy into him. Dodo has been so attached that he even got a tattoo of the group’s visual on his arm.

©Nickie Robinson


©Nickie Robinson

The multi-disciplinary artist, now in his mid-thirties, describes himself as an artisan more than as an artist.

”Artisan because I put my art, the techniques that I have mastered and my expertise in the service of others.”

Working Class Hero” (2015) – Solo – Hochelaga ©Nickie Robinson


To finish up, Doryan wanted to mention his big respect for Fluke who has guided him through his career and pushed him to develop his creativity. As Fluke gives a lot to others, it is important for Dodo to give him back in return and to say thank you. ”But this year, for Mural, I will kick his ass” he says with his usual smile.

To follow the work of Dodo: facebook | instagram



©Nickie Robinson

The 33 year old artist from Polish origings was born in Montreal. He is considered by some as one of the old guys in the Montreal graff scene. He is part of the pioneers. Not surprising when we learn that the founder of AShop started handling the spray can at nine years of age. Slowly, a can in his hand, he made is place and his signature gradually became known by all.


Contrary to the majority of the artists on the scene, the man is pratically always called by his alias by his peers. Fluke explains it by the fact that his mother tongue is Polish – his English/French were not the best. Hence to facilitate his integration, he chose the name which was easy to say.

”Back then I didn’t really know what it meant but I liked the resonance of it and the combination of letters. And today, it goes really well with the life I lead. I consider that I go forward in life with a lot of luck.”

And now the name is completely a part of myself, it has become fully become my identity. I am Fluke!”

His path was drawn by his hard work and patience.

”Nowadays, many artists are impatient. They want everything and they want it now. You have to learn to take your time and continually challenge yourself.”

© Wall2Wall

The one who describes himself as an art extremist doesn’t sleep much. Very demanding of himself, he works almost by a military process. Obsessed by details, he proceeds by trial and error and can redo his work a hundred times.



A loner, he spends the majority of his time at the Ashop studio. Its hiw own Ali Baba’s cave. A bit like a scientist in his lab, that where he does his research of colors, shapes and movement.


For the past two years, he has been reflecting on his work. Influenced by the Arts, he seems to be drifting away slowly from graffiti. However he does admit that he is still looking for his own style. ”If the secret is in the sauce, I still haven’t found the recipe!” he says very seriously. Because the man is usually all smiles, he releases a huge joie de vivre and contagious vitality.

The artist’s main goal is to convey a message.

”I am not expecting people to remember me ten-twenty years from now. But if I can change people’s days, even just for a short instant, I will have accomplished my goal.”


To follow Fluke’s work: facebook | instagram

A’shop : site web | facebook | instagram

**Translation FR to EN: Mel Reno.