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Unframed, episode 1: MissMe

8 May 2018

As announced last week, we launched Unframed’s premier episode, produced by LaCroix + Heroes Studio with the support of Fido.

For this first episode, André Bathalon interviews the artist MissMe. Exploring her personal struggles with race, gender, society, and class while showcasing iconic figures in the past, this activist and feminist is one of the most well-known artist in North America. Using her art to give voice to those generally marginalized, MissMe’s provocative style aims to stimulate dialogue.

Through her discussions with André, she attributes her childhood and her past experiences as influences for her art. We learn that she initially didn’t consider bringing her art to the streets, she took to street art after facing censorship on social medias. “I just started creating images that were the fruit of my emotions and my opinions and I put where I felt was the freest and less controlled and it was in the streets.”, she expresses.

Learn more about the artist’s artistic approach here.

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