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GREMS: Rap, Graffiti, Design, Street Art or Contemporary Art ?

17 September 2017

Grems is what we can call a polyvalent artist! Music, graphic design, tattoo, street art, he masters his universe while being continuously seeking for innovation. Originally from France, his work can be found all around the world and even on clothes with his own streetwear brand: CAAPS.

Leaving Paris for Bordeaux to study Fine Arts in the 90’s, Michael Eveno specialized in graphic design, giving birth to Grems, a nickname referring to his extreme thinness at the time. He then started making himself a name by creating illustrations for flyers and records while painting the walls of the city.

Grems gets inspired by everything surrounding him and turns it into works of art: the artist spontaneously creates by referring to primitive arts in a very colorful and minimalist style. The tool or the place has no matter for him, there is no rule nor limit to creation for this pioneer.

« An artists need to be someone who is sensitive to their surroundings and who is visual and who takes in everything around him and who will turn it into something. » he says in the context of the 2016 MURAL Festival.



Also known for his musical career in rap, Grems founded numerous groups where he evolved as a rapper and launched new names in the french rap scene. With 7 albums and 2 EPs, the artist has stood out for his avant garde style mixing Hip Hop with Chicago House, Detroit Techno and electronic experimentation.

If Grems has experimented through music he also seeks reinvention in his professional projects and his painting.

« For me, street art is guys who come from graffiti but are bored with the conventions of graffiti, who break the code and who create new contemporary paintings. » he explained for the 2016 edition of MURAL.



Despite his particular attachment to the values of graffiti, Grems has also been able to combine his professional career with collaboration with brands such as Nike, Swatch,

Grems’ work can be seen everywhere: from the walls of Montreal to Bali, to the Pompidou center, the Parisian art galleries or the RATP campaign and even the paint cans themselves!




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