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Poni & Cyrielle Tremblay


Native country: Canada

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Made possible by Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

Cyrielle Tremblay builds dreamlike worlds where she tells stories of inner gardens where sometimes memory or poetry prevails, sometimes humor or absurdity. Between mural painting and more traditional mediums, her plastic and conceptual explorations also lead her to work on photography, installation and self-publishing. The Quebec artist has participated in various festivals and international mural events and her works have been exhibited in Mexico, Colombia and Canada.

Hilda Palafox aka Poni is a Mexican artist who balances fluidity, simplicity and winds a visual poetry into her work. Moving swiftly between illustration, ceramics and murals, her characters and their surroundings to remind us of a graceful times in our own experience. Her work carries a pureness that can extend all the way to elegant apathy. She creates gentle balances of color and shade, mixing and matching techniques and the suggestion of emotion to render works held together by grace.