From August 24 to 27, join us at the Marché de Nuit Asiatique, one of Montreal’s top summer highlights, and a vibrant celebration of Asian flavors, traditions and communities. Meet us at Sakura Park (on 200 Gauchetière W) and Sun-Yat-Sen Square to soak up Asian culture, and enjoy culinary delights at over 30 restaurants and shops. This experience is building up to be unforgettable, as you will also get to admire Maylee Keo’s public art installations, including a floor mural she will be creating live! RSVP to the Facebook event here, it’s free and everyone is welcome.

Maylee Keo is a Cambodian-born artist based in Montreal. Her work is colorful, playful, and animated, and reflects her values of equality and social justice.

During the Marché de Nuit in Chinatown, she will not only create a live floor mural, but also install vibrant art pieces that will express the essence of the event and enliven the atmosphere. The choice of this talented artist was an obvious choice to celebrate the cultural diversity of the community.

To celebrate creativity, community, and collaboration together, while enjoying a moment drenched in sunshine, flavors, and sensations, join us at the Marché de Nuit!