Zoltan Veevaete is a dedicated artist who is passionate about art history. It transports the viewer in several directions at once. His paintings are striking and intelligent, and they act like a cult film, where each of the views allows the audience to absorb new elements. The levels of reading of his works are simple and very complex at the same time; a kind of mise en abyme that reflects the multiple layers of our existence.

Self-taught, Veevaete has always been deeply attracted to the visual arts. His passion and his ambitions pushed him to barter the can of paint for an arsenal of brushes. On the heels of a muralist graffiti career, he embarked on painting, propelled by his admiration for the work of classical painters. Following a two-year trip to Spain to deepen his knowledge and appreciation of the traditions of Spanish painting, he graduated in 2010 with a BA in Fine Arts from Concordia University, and won the prestigious Cecil Buller-John / JA Award Murphy Scholarship in Drawing. Since leaving school, he has devoted himself to his passion full time: art.

His work in painting largely consists in questioning the influences that follow him throughout his artistic process, be they pictorial or technical. The works reflect a space-time consisting of round trips, collisions, loans and tributes to the past. They create a strange feeling of “déjà-vu”; a fleeting, evanescent feeling that haunts the reading of paintings.

Finally, the mixture of the masses is a contemporary evolution in perpetual expansion, which is articulated as much at the level of the fashion, at the level of music and the technologies of computer science and the representation. It is a concept that defines us as a modern society, where the borrowing and mixing of the influences of the past constantly reformulate the parameters of our modern identity. We are faced with a unique, evolving, living, dynamic subject; a kind of all-in-one. And it is this quest for superimposed synergistic representation that we find in the works of Zoltan Veevaete; an amalgam of epochs and stylistic influences for the creation of a personal set of images with multiple levels of reading.