A multi-talented artist of Montreal origin, Monk-E develops on the artistic scene through both painting and poetry. His art directly reflects its depth and communicates his moods most often by pastel colors and carefully chosen. His style is recognizable by works with strong and crying messages often illustrated by faces of different forms.

Petite bio: See link – Monk.e is a graffiti artist, street artist, rapper

Monk-e Gallery
Through my art, I need to put on the table all those parts of me that are not visible, in order to share them with my audience. Everything I do must have depth, meaning. A person who does not seek this spirituality cuts himself off from an important dimension of his life.
I grew up in a traditional Christian family, and rebel in the soul, I wanted to get out of this mold. I started to study Taoism, Islam and Rasta ideologies, which shaped my transformation. A lot of people in the industry did not understand this change of course, lending me all kinds of malicious intent.
Before, I was more materialistic, I wore designer clothes, I shaved. Now, I let my hair and my beard grow, it is an approach related to the spiritual dimension of my life: that is what the wise people of ancient cultures did.
He will perform his biggest mural to date during the festival. He has just released an album entitled “Slavery, exodus and rebirth”.
An interview he recently made about his mural for the festival

the Underpressure festival which brings together several graffiti artists from Montreal and around the world.
Many of the artists present for MURAL will be there too.