Laurence Vallières

Laurence Vallières

By Laurence Vallières

Year of completion: 2019

Ceramic artist of formation, Laurence would have always liked to render on a human scale her sculptures of clay. However, the lack of resources, both financial and material, has cut short many avenues. In order to respond to this situation, she needed a flexible, malleable, resistant material, available in large quantities and at a very affordable price. Recycled cardboard was the medium of choice. The abundance of this boorish material allowed Laurence to export her work to galleries and festivals in Seoul, California, Italy and even Hawaii. The cardboard cut into strips is light, malleable and allows the realization of all forms. Her work is popular throughout the world, because her compositions manage to carry the emotions of these animals too often forgotten, as if it was not enough to animate them for children or to feel sorry for their fate, these creations can demonstrate their own sensitivity.

For the first time, in collaboration with the Festival MURAL and Little Burgundy, the artist wants to produce a sculpture in coroplast to ensure a durability of at least 1 year.