Joshua Vides

Joshua Vides

By Joshua Vides

Year of completion: 2019

Joshua Vides is an American artist of Guatemalan origin. At only 29 years old, this artist and designer is known for his unique style of objects and drawings accented in black and white. His signature style appears on a range of items from shoes to cars to cones. He shares his unique works with more than 140,000 fans on Instagram. He collaborated with the famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

Less than ten years ago, Vides launched into the streetwear with its brand CLSC and the rise of Vides has been only dazzling since. Joshua Vides brings to each creation his irreverent style, sharpened by the culture of the stencil and tagging of his youth. In April 2017, while cleaning his desk, Vides came up with the idea of ​​using a pair of Reebok Classic sneakers. He loves the final look and tries it a month later with the Air Force 1 shoes. He posted a photo of this second pair in May 2017 and, if at first he only received the love of friends and members of the family, the simplicity of this idea has touched the whole world.