Zoë Gelfant


Native country: Canada

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Abstract artist Zoë Gelfant feels most at home when colour is a part of every day. She is most interested in art as play, and how colour can inform feeling and memory, through geometric compositions.

Her painting practice primarily uses tape and acrylic paint to form hard-edge shapes within dreamy, stained glass-like paintings. The compositions are made with rulers, a drawing compass, and designers’ stencils.

She has organized multiple local DIY art shows in Montreal, as she is a firm believer in making art across disciplines accessible and affordable to the public. Gelfant has taught art classes at the elementary school level, finessed her colour theory by learning to mix screen print ink colours with Pantone formulas, and is also a self-taught freelance makeup artist. She received her Diploma of Fine Arts from Langara College in Vancouver, BC in 2014, and graduated from the Concordia Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Montreal, QC with Distinction in 2016. Gelfant lives and works in Montreal, QC.