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Festival Mural



Native country: Canada

“From the greater region of Nord-du-Québec, Zema traveled all over the beautiful province before settling permanently in Montreal, where she has lived for the last ten years.” Zema is a multi-disciplinary artist, as well as painting, she is an artistic director, illustrator and graphic designer.The distorted reality, black humor and extravagant characters have led her to various projects in several areas, web, print and post-production! everything and she is one of the few female artists to have embarked on graffiti, from which her name comes “Zema.” Participation in several exhibitions both here and abroad allowed her to travel and share creative ideas with different artistic scenes In 2004, she set up a collective of graffiti and street art called “La Paria”, gathering more than 25 established artists. even a tradition over the years for which Zema is passionate. ” Zema is an artist who has been involved in the hectic world of graffiti and bombing for over 15 years. She is one of the only graffiti artists in Montreal who has managed to establish herself in the long-term, and she is passionate about the culture and history of graffiti as an emotive movement in Quebec and Montreal.
She is one of the founders of the group La Paria Crew, which is composed of artists and graffiti artists, and she is also a muralist, illustrator, painter, designer, and since recently tattooueuse at Tattoo Royal. Zema participated in the first edition of the public art festival MURAL in June with the Paria Crew. My style is described as pop-surreal-lowbrow-trash-cartoon, or “fine art” street! I mostly do characters and I love to tell a story in a simple image. I particularly like to illustrate ugliness or dualities and that the end result is of a contrasting beauty. I use different media and materials, be they walls, wood, skateboards, snake skins, recycle junk or create pixels!