Projet Tyxna

Country Canada

Website Instagram

Medium(s): Mural

The collective project TYXNA gathers various figures of the Montreal mural and digital art:
Ankh one – Axe Lalime – Fuser – Dodo ose – Carlos Oliva Hsix – Romain Boz – Mtlight – Skor – Dj Horg
– Haks 180 – Zek One. At the forefront of the artistic experience, their common passion for the exchange
and union motivated their gathering around a collaborative entity. Eager to create a privileged relationship with the viewer, TYXNA is the fruit of a team reflection that offers immersive and sensorial mural works based on urban and digital art techniques with the vocation to bring the public elsewhere. To offer a window on an innovative work that interacts with its environment to question it and to bring tracks of reflexions. With more than 500 projects to their credit, the members of the TYXNA project have a high level of expertise in managing complex productions and collaborating
and collaboration with multiple community organizations from diverse backgrounds. Driven by a deep creative energy, TYXNA carries in its XNA* art as a catalyst for living and building the future.