Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal works with sculpture, installations, and photography in public and exhibition spaces. His work has been marked by the places where he has lived, such as London and Brussels. He currently lives in Bilbao.

One of his best-known works is the nomadic project called Cement Eclipses, which consists of temporary and permanent urban interventions built with small figurative sculptures with which he reflects on modern society. From the beginning, he works with the same stereotypical character: a middle-aged, bald, uniformed man in a grey suit.

The public space plays a leading role, as the chosen location is a fundamental part of his work. Semantic spaces that confuse the scale, those in which we perceive the passage of time, our decadence, that speak to us of our own imperfection.

He uses humor and irony in a measured, ambiguous way, at the limits of drama, when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Cement Eclipses began as a nomadic project in public space in 2006 and is still in progress. To date, the project has made interventions in cities such as Berlin, London, Bogota, Brussels, Zagreb, Vienna, Taipei, Milan, New York, Amsterdam, Nantes, San José, Hanoi, etc.