Founded by Daniel Iregui, Iregular is a multimedia production studio based in Montreal. With a team of six highly skilled and committed individuals, the studio creates diverse audiovisual installations, performance visuals, augmented reality spaces, set designs and immersive experiences.

Iregular has already designed and produced more than 40 interactive creations targeting a wide audience and diverse demographic, and has received more than 30 awards and accolades given for design, technology and creativity, including the NUMIX Grand Prize, awarded to the interactive work “DELETE” in 2017. The studio’s creations have toured the world and festivals, including: Montreal en Lumière, Igloofest, Mutek, C2-MTL, La Biennale Internationale d’Art Numérique, “Festival of Image” in Colombia, “Mapping Festival” in Switzerland, the “Glow” Festival in the Netherlands, Mutek MX in Mexico, and the Bains numériques in France (among others).

The interactive aspect is at the center of Iregular’s creations. Mixing art and technology, the studio elaborates and realizes works in continuous change by applying coding and responses in real time. The design of the audiovisual experiences mixes geometry, typography, sound and light software, mathematics, and algorithms. These tools allow Iregular to cover all phases of production: from research and development, to the realization of the final work.

On the one hand, Iregular uses its experience and know-how to integrate today’s cutting-edge technologies into its various multimedia projects in order to produce works of the highest caliber. On the other hand, the studio has also begun to develop its own unique technological processes that greatly increase the value of its productions.