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Festival Mural



Native country: Chile

Inti put his first pieces on the walls of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso in 1996 while being enrolled in the Beaux-Arts. Since the age of thirteen, he painted in this city that is the paradise of graffiti, the latter being authorized by the government. A framework conducive to perfecting, transcending and evolving. Influenced by the scenes of Brazil he discovers in 2002, by Cekis, one of the pioneers of the movement in CTinili, or by the propaganda frescoes of BRP (Brigada Ramona Parra), Inti develops a typically South American style. Recognized throughout the continent, as well as in the United States and Europe, his characters express his vision of South America and its folklore. His character Kusillo, met at the carnival of Ouro in Bolivia, has been at the center of his work for a few years. In his iconography we can distinguish the influences of the traditional arts, in fusion with the illustrative and vector aesthetic that characterizes graffiti. A free universe, colorful, spontaneous and disinterested he shows in late 2011 at the Paris gallery Itinerance. Inti explores the use of new media and different formats: video projection and installation are now added to his work in gallery composed essentially until then of acrylic on canvas. For ten years, he has been building bridges between chile and France and continues to paint frescoes all over the world.