Since 2016, Frédéric Duquette, aka Fvckrender, has taken up the challenge to create an image every day and share it on his Instagram account. His dailies now form an immense catalogue of renderings that illustrate multiple universes, landscapes, characters, etc…

Yet Fvckrender’s style is recognizable in each of these images, where one can detect an aura of mystery to a certain serenity, as if they were representations of latent moments, of calm after the storm.

His work has evolved over the years, attracting a series of major brands and artists who have commissioned him for collaborations, including Dior, Lil Nas X and most recently Supreme who commissioned the artist to create original graphics that will appear on the label’s Spring 2020 tees.

On the occasion of MURAL Estival, Fvckrender’s work goes from digital to mural for the first time!